Kristina Gavran

writer, theatre-maker, storyteller and researcher.

In Between, novel (Između, Disput, Croatia, 2022) 

This novel is about the migrant experience of a young married couple from Zagreb in the English industrial city of Birmingham from 2011 to 2022. Marko, an incomplete student of economics, who leaves Croatia to pay off his loan in Swiss Francs, finds work as a construction worker, and Sandra soon joins him, carried away by dreams of drinking tea and the English lifestyle. Reality is entirely different because she cannot follow her profession as a teacher. Sandra accepts a position at the bus station counter. The novel follows their emotional and practical life between Birmingham and Zagreb, the dilemma of staying or returning, their struggle to fit into the British way of life, and the increasingly strong realization that Zagreb is becoming a foreign city to them. In this splitting and dissolution of identity, Marko and Sandra change as people; even their official status in the two countries changes, and their relationship undergoes many trials. The author asks how the same person can be an emigrant in one’s own country and an immigrant in another’s and how these terms allow us to quickly pigeonhole people without even listening to their stories.

IZMEĐU – Disput 


Pepper and Honey live on stage in April

Pepper and Honey is back on tour! Written by Kristina Gavran, directed by Tilly Branson and performed by Tina Hofman, this play tells the story of a granddaughter and her grandma: the young Ana settling in England, and the old Ana calling her to return home to a Croatian island. The story is told through a poignant metaphor of baking paprenjaci (traditional Croatian biscuits), which are supposed to bring your loved ones home.  

You can see Pepper and Honey live on Friday 28th April in Farnham Maltings, Surrey and on Sunday 30th April at the Greenwich Theatre, London. 

Online book launch of Mothering Performance: Maternal Action

Across twenty chapters, international contributors extend the concept of performance and connect it to mothering as action, and as political and personal production. An open access version is available at Mothering Performance | Maternal Action | (

Kristina’s own contribution includes a chapter titled ‘Dramaturgies of Support and Interruption in the Process of Wonderwoman: The Naked Truth’ by Notnow Collective.

Novel In Between produced by Croatian National Radio

Kristina’s novel In Between (Između) is being produced as an audio-novel in five episodes by Croatian National Radio. This novel is about the migrant experience of a young married couple from Zagreb in the English industrial city of Birmingham from 2011 to 2022.  

You can listen to the novel on Apple podcast and Google podcast.  

Radio roman – Hrvatski radio ( 


‘The Most Beautiful House in the Neighborhood’

short story, World Literature Today


The Palisander Guitar

extract from the novel

Daedalus and Icarus

theatre play