Kristina Gavran was born in Zagreb in 1987. She gained M.A. in Dramaturgy at the Academy of Dramatic Arts (University of Zagreb). She worked as a drama teacher and lecturer at the Tirena Drama Studio, performed  in  plays for children and young people, as well as lead various writing and drama workshops. Kristina has been a writer for, a theatre web portal, for two years.

Her full length plays include: ‘Daedalus and Icarus’ presented at the Academy of Dramatic Arts as part of a dramaturgy project DeSaDu 2012, and later that year at the Little Evening Readings in ZKM (Zagreb Youth Theatre). The play was produced by Croatian National Radio and is translated in English. ‘In Front of the Door’ has been published in the PDF Magazine Svijet kulture (The World of Culture). Plays ‘Pfanova’ and ‘Zvonimir’ were staged at the KRADU festival in 2010.

Croatian National Radio broadcasted her plays: ‘Daedalus and Icarus’, ‘Gaudeamus igitur’, ‘Ready’ and ‘A Boy and a Kite’.

‘Ready’ was awarded the first prize Marin Držić by the Croatian Ministry of Culture (2012). It was published in the Drama Anthology (Disput) and in the magazine Theatre (Croatian centre ITI UNESCO). It’s premier was in Zagreb Youth Theatre (2014).

Kristina also writes plays for children: ‘A Magic Cake’, ‘First Snow’, ‘Mid-day School Break’… Two times she won Mali Marulić contest for best play for children: ‘A Boy and a Kite’ (second prize, 2012); it was produced in theatre Scena Gorica (2014), and ‘Corruptivitis in the Mousetown’ (third prize, 2014). Her latest play for children ‘No, you not!’, about epilepsy and being different was produced in theatre Mala Scena.

In 2013 Kristina was granted an Erasmus scholarship for an internship at The Blue Orange Theatre in Birmingham for seven months. During her term she worked on various projects including the production of ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ directed by Tina Hofman as a dramaturg.

In 2014 she was chosen as one of the emerging writers for the Foundry program at The Birmingham Repertory Theatre where she is working on her first play in English ‘It’s easy to say I love you, isn’t it?’. As part of the program, she did a solo performance titled ‘My First Carrot Cake’ in the Home theatre project.

Kristina was chosen for China Plate’s program Optimist for theatre producing. On Pulse festival in Ipswich she presented her play ‘It’s easy to say I love you, isn’t it?’ and  her solo piece ‘Life in a Suitcase’.

She wrote ‘Spiced Indian Air’ for Pilot Sites in Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

In England she discovered storytelling which became her passion and now she performs regularly with a Birmingham based group of storytellers called Flashlight Storytellers led by the nationally acclaimed Cat Weatherill.

With her colleague Tina Hofman she started a theatre company Notnow Collective which is exploring parenthood in 21st century. They created two shows: ‘Wonderwoman: The Naked Truth’ and ‘DadMan: The Bath-time Warrior’ supported by Arts Council England. At the moment they are working on a new show called ‘Pepper and Honey’.

Kristina has two books published by Croatian publishing company Disput. In 2016 ‘Rain in India, Summer in Berlin’ a book of short stories connected with the theme of travelling, and in 2018 a novel ‘The Palisander Guitar’.