Mamutica is large apartment block in the new part of Zagreb built during socialism. It consists of 1263 apartments which are home to around 5000 people. The play follows it’s tenants and their everyday lives, with focus on a four member family living on 13th floor.

Dino, son in the family, is trying to escape the destiny of normal, boring life, he is obsessed with the book ‘Into the Wild’ and the main character Chris Supertramp. Dino wants to challenge himself to survive the nature and life on the mountain, but is it possible to leave everything behind?

 ‘Mamutica’ was published in the literature magazine Fantom Slobode.

Year: 2013.

Characters: 3m + 5f


Father, mother, son and daughter.

Basement. Full of food.

And full of fear. From all coming outside.

They are prepared for the worst. And the worst will surely come.

Just wait. In fear.

With guns ready.

‘Ready’ was awarded the first prize Marin Držić given by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia in 2012 and produced by Zagreb Youth Theatre in 2014.

Year: 2012.

Characters: 2m + 2f


Group of young people find an abandoned house and arrange it as their hideout and place to meet. Although different in their ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation, the neighborhood in which they live and friendship from childhood is binding them. Drama mixes realistic dialogues with verbatim parts downloaded from the Internet, newspapers and social networks that show hate speech and intolerance in Croatia.

Soon the safe haven of an abandoned house is to be undermined by the influence from the outside.

Year: 2012.

Characters: 2f + 3m (early twenties) + chorus

Daedalus and Icarus

The play depicts the relationship between a father and a son, and tells the story of the cycle of life. Daedalus and Icarus are mythical figures  and the story of Icarus’ flight and fall is the inspiration for the play.

The drama consists of  five sequences, representing the five stages of life and examines the relationship between the father and the son. The play introduces recurring themes such as fear, conflict, the passing of time, beauty and, most importantly, the element of flying. Icarus’ desire and need to fly, as well as his craving to leave his father becomes a focal point in their conflict.

The play was produced by Croatian National Radio and is translated in English.

Year: 2011.

Characters: 2m

Gaudeamus Igitur

Eight scenes from student life. All are set in narrow student-dormitory rooms where young students, with different personal problems: squattering in student rooms, an unplanned pregnancy, black marketing of cigarettes and alcohol, an affair with a professor, bad food in the students’ restaurants, emigration, money problems… Through these funny and sad stories a question rises – what is it like to be a student in Croatia nowadays?

The play was produced by Croatian National Radio.

Year: 2011.

Characters: 10f + 11m

In Front of the door

Franjo and Vera (ex-husband and wife) are into a hospital’s green hallway where they are ostracised and faced with accusations, fear and questioning. Franjo and Vera wait by the hospital door behind which their son is being treated for an attempted suicide. In the waiting room, as time passes, Franjo and Vera need to face the past.

‘In front of the Door’ was published in the magazine Svijet Kulture.

Year: 2010.

Characters: 1f (46) + 1m (48)


Zvonimir is a teacher in an elementary school, unhappy with his life, rather inert and trapped in bad personal relationships. Parallel to his story there exists a strange association between the author of the play and the play’s main character.

What does the process of writing look like? What happens in a writer’s mind while he or she is developing characters and situations? After the first couple of scenes the writing becomes a game in which everything is allowed. Will the author finish her play? And what does Jostein Gaarder’s Sofie have to do with all this?

‘Zvonimir’ was staged at KRADU Festival at the Academy od Dramatic Arts.

Year: 2008.

Characters: 4f + 2m