REP Foundry

REP Foundry is a year-long development programme for emerging directors, writers, theatre makers. It supports artists through workshops, making and sharing work and professional mentoring. 

Foundry Blog: How To Be A Writer In A Second Language?

Working with language, creating stories and characters, words, writing; it was all part of my identity and my biggest question was – how will I be a writer in a foreign country, writing in a foreign language? REP Foundry gave me the courage and support to try it.

Along with a few emerging artists, I was involved in many creative projects, from Epic Encounters when we explored the work of Bertolt Brecht, to Home Theatre, creating performances in host’s private houses. We had workshops with various theatre professionals, from theatre-maker Rachel Mars to writers like Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti and Rachel De-lahay, who had their plays produced by The REP this season. We also had writer’s weekends with our mentor Tessa Walker and lecturer, Professor David Barnett, a Brecht expert. Each workshop gave us inspiration and skills for our own work which are shown at monthly Scratch Nights. It has been an amazing opportunity to work with actors and directors and to show the audience our work in progress and get their feedback.

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Flashlight True Life Storytellers is a group of creative individuals – writers, actors, comedians, poets etc. and Kristina is proud to be one of them! It is a Birmingham based group of the best tellers from the sell-out sensation Tell Me On A Sunday. Led by internationally acclaimed storyteller Cat Weatherill, this troupe is defining the real art of true life telling.

As part of the group Kristina performed her true life stories Polly Pocket Hearth, Grandma’s Food, Crazy Christmas Hamster story and The Story about Stories.


As an experienced workshop leader I can design, organise and deliver workshops in a great variety of forms from creative writing to devising, improvisation and drama games.

I worked as drama pedagogue for elementary school students (age 6-14) in Theater Tirena for six years, and MCUK (International Center for Services in Culture) for two years. I also delivered workshops for high school students (age 14-18) and their teachers on how to use drama in teaching.

I created workshops which includes  projects like ‘Creative Writing against addiction’ for children from Children Orphanage, ‘The will to make it better’ about discrimination, ‘Culture in the Neighborhood’ for kids with fewer opportunities, and also performed in the interactive play for children ‘Land of Apples’, project focusing on tolerance.

I created and organized different social events like Theater Time Machine, Story with Secret, Pirate party, The Big Hunting Game etc.   on Tirena Theatre camp for students, teachers and theatre professionals. I was also workshop leader during the camp for three years.

My workshops include:

  • Transforming idea to a theater play

  • Creative writing

  • Dramatization

  • Game as a tool