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No, You Can’t !

This is a story about one building and it’s tenants. It is also a story about how we are all different. Tea and Niko are playing in front of their building when a new boy comes to the playground. He is a stranger and he has very different name, Ruben. Tea also feels different because she is a girl who doesn’t like pink color and she wants to be a boss, and her brother Niko is different because he has epilepsy. The play is exploring how all children can play together and how to accept differences.

‘No, you can’t! or about being different’ is produced by theatre Mala Scena in 2015.

Year: 2015.

Characters: for 3 actors

Corruptivitis in Mousetown

Something strange is happening in the Mousetown. Queen Mozzarella is preparing a big cheese party and she opened a contest for all the mice to compete with their best cheese. But seems like some mice got very strange disease called corruptivitis. Corruptivitis is spreading around the Mousetown and soon nothing can function without some cheese bribe. How can one small mouse fight against it?

‘Corruptivitis in the Mousetown’ won third prize Mali Marulić for the best play for children in 2014.

Year: 2014.

Characters: 14

First Snow

There was once a girl called Leonarda. She lived in a city. There was once another girl called Nika. She moved to the city. Nika didn’t know anybody there, but Leonarda claimed that she didn’t need friends. More to the point, she didn’t want a friend who was younger than her, who did not own a sled, played with a rag doll and happened to be low as the Dwarf. These things are important. But…she was growing tired of waiting for the first snow to fall, and eventually adopts Nika’s idea to learn where the snow comes from.

The play has been performed in children’s homes as a graduate project of theatre producer Irena Sarić.

Year: 2012.

Characters: 2f

A Boy and a Kite

The play tells the story of a lonely boy called Dominic, who lives on a mountain with his grandfather. His only friends are the kites made of paper which his grandfather makes for him. But when his grandfather dies and the wind steals the last dragon, Dominic has to leave the mountain. He meets talkative Balloon who joins him on his trip. During their ensuing adventures they meet the Wise Shepherd, Scarecrow, Sunflowers Singing Choir, Wind … and perhaps he will find the Princess.

‘A Boy and a Kite’ won second prize Mali Marulić for the best play for children in 2012 and it was produced by Scena Gorica in 2014.

Year: 2012.

Characters: 10 (arranged for 3 actors)

The Magic Cake

A musical with five songs for young children. Pastry cook Praline and her singing assistants Strawberry and Cherry are preparing cakes and biscuits for the Celebration of Laughter. But the preparations for the celebration upset Lavinia, who wants to be a famous and respected witch. Lavinia prepares biscuits wranglers and practices the Magic of Arguing on her cat Shadow. She wants to bewitch the biscuits and spat Strawberry and Cherry, as well as all the residents of the city, and turn the Day of Laughter into a Day of Arguing as  a celebration of her witchcraft.

The play was produced by Theatre Tirena in Zagreb.

Year: 2011.

Characters: 4f+1m